Darren clears £78 profit in first few days

When Darren came across Buncejar, he had already tried a few matched betting systems online. And like many others, he found that once the free bets dried up there wasn’t much else you could do.

So when Darren discovered that Buncejar doesn’t rely on free bets to make a profit, he signed up without hesitation and started trading straight away.

Within his first 5 days of using Buncejar, Darren had made a £78 profit for just a few minutes work each day. He explained how the overview emails gave him guidance on the best time to place the lay bets to make the most amount of profit on each trade.

The most important thing to me was the “time factor” as I work full time and therefore this is what attracted me to 2 minute trader. I have found systems in the past whilst they do make money to be very time consuming

Darren said he did not set out with any real aims except to at least make back the cost of the subscription so he was pleasantly surprised when he made £78 in the first 5 days.

I am quite new to the system but after 5 days of trading my profit stood at £78.67 which included a £12.87 profit off one trade

Darren explained that in his first week he could have made more, but didn’t take every trade offered. He liked the fact that he could work at his own pace and choose which trades and how many he wanted to do.

I am very happy with the results so far

Darren explains that the morning email updates on the trades are always very insightful and certainly helped him with a good estimate as to when to cash out and get the best price.

‘In a nutshell I am very happy so far and would happily recommend this system to my friends’