Ian earns £3,000 to fund his road trip to the US

Ian started out with one simple mission: to make enough money to buy a new iPhone.

But after he cleared £300 in his first month, he realised he could set his sights much, much higher.

Having read about Buncejar online, he wanted to know if it really worked.

Ian took our one-month free membership offer started trading straight away.

In his first month, Ian cleared £300 from a starting bank of just £50 for just a few minutes work each day.

The instructions were clear and really easy to follow

Ian explained that the system taught him how to exploit a price difference between certain odds so he could buy bets cheap the night before the horse race and sell them on the day of the race for a guaranteed profit, no matter what the outcome of the race.

Ian explained that in August 2018, there were single trades that made him more than £25 profit, over twice the average profit per trade.

I had no experience with betting or buying and selling bets, I didn’t even know that bets could be traded!

On an average month, there are over 100 trades that are made available by our automated system.

I tried to take as many trades as possible, but I could’ve taken more!