7 Effective Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Books on Amazon for Under £10

We’ve seen Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin hit a high of £20,000 and fall back as low as £2000 in the last 18 months. Volatility is actually huge opportunity for people looking to make huge tax free returns because the bigger the moves the bigger the profits when you get it right.

I’m of the opinion that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are here to stay. I ignore the hype and look at the actions of big businesses such as Microsoft and Starbucks who are working towards integrating them into their customer transactions.

I’ve scoured the internet to find 7 great resources for less than £10 that can show you exactly when to buy for as low a price as possible, when to HODL and when to sell for the biggest profits.

No.1 The Lazy Man’s Guide To Trading Cryptocurrencies: Guaranteed! If You Can’t Trade After This Book – You’re Dumb As A Brick – Jed Baguio

This has to be worth buying just for the title alone. Its a quick and easy read and if you have Kindle Unlimited this book is FREE!

* A simple trading strategy that you can use right now
* An approach that will work for the present and the future
* Easy enough for beginners to execute
* A strategy that you can merely check less than an hour a day
* A system that doesn’t require you to do a lot of research

No.2 Bitcoins For Beginners: Teach Me Everything I Need To Know About Bitcoins In 30 Minutes (Learn How to Invest, Mine, and Trade Bitcoins)

If you can get past the fact that the author cant actually spell and uses the word actually in every sentence actually this is a useful start for anyone that doesn’t know anything about Bitcoin.

1.This book will help you to understand a little bit more about why bitcoins were created and by who. 
2.In this book you will learn what you can use bitcoins for, and why you might consider using them. 
3.In this book you will learn how to get started with using bitcoins, helping you to invest in the new currency. 
4.This book will teach you how to actually keep your bitcoins safe after you purchase them. 
5.This book will show you what bitcoins are, and help to answer some of the common questions about them. 
6.In this book you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of using bitcoins. 
7.In this book you will learn some of the main reasons that people have decided to invest in and use bitcoins. 

The 30 Minute Reads Philosophy

At 30 Minute Reads our philosophy is simple. To give you high quality and easy to follow informational guides that help you learn about an interesting subject or help you solve a problem. 

We live in a busy world with endless amounts of content that we can access. Our mission at “30 Minute Reads” is to help bridge that gap and provide you amazing books that can take you from zero knowledge on a subject to the smartest person in the room in just 30 minutes! 

What You’ll Know from “Bitcoins For Beginners”

•Essential Information about Bitcoins
•12 Quick Hit Facts about Bitcoins
•The 10 Important Things to Know about Bitcoins
•The 7 Crucial Reasons to Use Bitcoins
•Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoins
•Best Practices for Using Bitcoins
•Final Thoughts on Bitcoins

No.3 Cryptocurrency: The Complete Guide on How to Invest, Trade, Exchange, and Sell: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Block Chain, Alt Coin, and Mining (Bitcoin, … Ethereum, Block Chain, Alt Coin, Mining) – Gary Pickett

The world of finance is changing forever. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are forging ahead with exciting new ways to build wealth and prosper like never before.

And they are not alone!

There are now more than 1300 Cryptocurrencies available to buy and the number continues to grow
Now, with Cryptocurrency: The Complete Guide on How to Invest, Trade, Exchange and Sell. You can learn how to get in on this opportunity and set yourself up for financial abundance for a lifetime.

Here is a preview of what you will learn
What cryptocurrency isBlock chain technologyBitcoin, altcoin, and walletsHow to invest, trade, mine, and secure

If you want financial freedom buy Cryptocurrency: The Complete Guide on How to Invest, Trade, Exchange and Sell, and start your journey of financial freedom today.

No4. Cryptocurrency Trading 101: How You Can Profit in Vastly Changing Times – CHarles Stanhope

This 128 page book has some good reviews on amazon and its easy to see why . The book covers the following –

– What bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology are; 
– Cryptocurrency market and investment basics;
– How and where to buy your first cryptocurrency;
– How to hold your cryptocurrency;
– How to sell your cryptocurrency;
– How to trade your cryptocurrency;
– Cryptocurrency trading basics and strategies;
– How to avoid scams;
– How to protect yourself against losses/risk management;
– Technical analysis—worth it?;
– The psychology of trading;
– What to do going forward after profits

No.5 An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook – Nik Patel

No doubt you will have seen or heard about the fervour that surrounded cryptocurrencies in 2017, and many of you may have dismissed them as a legitimate asset class; many may have felt a quiet interest but a looming fear; others undoubtedly felt drawn towards the allure of cryptocurrencies and altcoins (and any of the other innumerable names) yet lacked the framework required to tame this volatile and novel market. To you, I present An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook:

The exponential growth of the cryptosphere over the previous half-decade has brought with it a plethora of life-changing speculative opportunities. Where traditional financial markets seem inaccessible and ineffectual due to the prevalence of high fees and low returns, the emergence of a worldwide market of decentralised alternatives to Bitcoin allows for those unable (or unwilling) to navigate the often-slippery world of hedge funds and investment banks the chance to realise financial freedom.

This, of course, is no effortless journey, and this book does not profess to be a get-rich-quick scheme of any sort. Instead, An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook merges almost five years of tragicomic yet insightful anecdotes on the ever-evolving nature of the cryptosphere with a comprehensive strategy for profitable altcoin speculation. The book focuses on maximising the upside potential of capital whilst diminishing downside risks, both of which are possible with speculation on so-called ‘microcap’ and ‘lowcap’ altcoins, given the application of proper risk management. Above all, the reader will learn, in exhaustive detail, the three-stage process of research, accumulation and distribution that has been the bedrock of my own success in the space. The journey will be intensive – often arduous – but will, with some good fortune, result in an individual most well-equipped to capitalise on the greatest glut of financial opportunity the world has ever seen.

No.6 Bitcoin for Dummies – Prypto

Learn the ins and outs of Bitcoin so you can get started today Bitcoin For Dummies is the fast, easy way to start trading crypto currency, with clear explanations and expert advice for breaking into this exciting new market. Understanding the mechanisms and risk behind Bitcoin can be a challenge, but this book breaks it down into easy-to-understand language to give you a solid grasp of just where your money is going. You’ll learn the details of Bitcoin trading, how to set up your Bitcoin wallet, and everything you need to get started right away.

An in-depth discussion on security shows you how to protect yourself against some of the riskier aspects of this open-source platform, helping you reduce your risks in the market and use Bitcoin safely and effectively. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks, with transaction management and issuing of Bitcoins carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin allows easy mobile payments, fast international payments, low- or no-fee transactions, multi-signature capabilities, and more, but the nuances of the market can be difficult to grasp.

This informative guide lays it all out in plain English, so you can strengthen your understanding and get started now. * Understand the ins and outs of the Bitcoin market * Learn how to set up your Bitcoin wallet * Protect yourself against fraud and theft * Get started trading this exciting new currency The Bitcoin market is huge, growing quickly, and packed with potential. There’s also some risk, so you need to go in fully informed and take steps to manage your risk wisely. Bitcoin For Dummies is the clear, quick, easy-to-follow guide to getting started with Bitcoin.

No.7 The Way to Trade: Discover Your Successful Trading Personality – John Piper

You’ll forgive me if I go £1 over my promise and show you a book that’s £11. John Piper is a personal friend and very much ‘the Godfather of Trading’ and his classic book ‘The Way to Trade ‘ is as relevant now as its always been. John and I built a super Cryptocurrency course called The Yahura System.

Although not strictly about Bitcoin this book is relevant for every aspect of trading. Most people lose in the markets for one simple reason – they trade emotionally. Good trading is not a question of doing, it is a question of being. How do you trade? Trading is a life experience. It is not like any other business. The beauty of trading is that it becomes an expression of your own personality. The truth is, good traders don’t do, they simply are. And to become a good trader you have to create a model built around an approach that suits you. The Way to Trade will help you do just that. Find your own route to success.


So there you go ! A list of great books for under £10 ( except one !) that can help get you started with profiting from the Bitcoin revolution. If you want more information then I’ve also written a FREE guide here all about Bitcoin.