7 Great Matched Betting Books on Amazon for Under £10

Matched Betting is a superb way to make extra easy tax free money. By taking advantage of the generous free bets online bookmakers offer you can use a special type of ‘anti bet’ called a lay bet to ensure you profit no matter what the outcome of the sports event!

I’ve put together a useful list of great books written on the subject to help you get started straight away and they are all less than £10 !

Matched Betting Made Easy – Online Betting School

This little Kindle book is a superb basic start for anyone that hasn’t done any matched betting before. You can easily read it in an hour and it has lots of useful links to an associated website to help you get going. The author Ben suggests that you can start with as little as £20 and make thousands of pounds over the next year. What I also like is that if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited this Book is actually free !

There are links to useful videos and also Ben offers email support to people.

Matched Betting Festival Diary: How To Make Big Profits from Horse Racing Festivals with Matched Betting Strategies – Jack Green

Learn how to use matched betting for profit in every horse racing festival every year! Major horse racing festivals present an incredible opportunity to turn a big profit in a few days using the correct matched betting strategies. There are several every year and each one brings a chance to make free money. If you want to learn how to use these incredible opportunities for your own profit, then Matched Betting Festival Diary is the perfect book for you.

This book uses the Cheltenham Festival to show you exactly how you too can make money from the racing festivals every, single time. This book is not a book about gambling. It is a clear and detailed explanation of how to use the best matched betting strategies to make a tax-free income with all the major horse racing festivals. It will explain all the steps you need to take before the racing even starts to best prepare yourself. It shows you how to best use all the offers to guarantee yourself a profit. It will also give you a detailed, step-by-step, practical demonstration of actual betting with real stakes and odds to show you precisely how it can be done.

Sports Trading On Betfair: Profitable Betting Exchange Systems for Trading on Betfair and Betdaq – Wayne Bailey

In the past 15 years, the betting industry in the UK and Ireland has changed beyond recognition. While technology has made it easier than ever to place a bet, for most people making a profit from sports betting remains as tricky as ever. Yet there are a growing number of traders, some of which have no previous sports betting experience, making handsome profits from exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq.

In Sports Trading on Betfair, sports trader Wayne Bailey explains the dynamics of odds movement, how prices move and why – and more importantly, describes in detail the systems and strategies he uses on a daily basis to profit from the betting exchanges. With a background in both financial trading and sports betting, Bailey explains how we can merge those two disciplines to understand the market and find ways to finally beat the books. Bailey focuses largely on horseracing but the principles and strategies described within this book can be applied to most sports.

You Cannot Lose: The book that bookmakers do not want you to read – Martin Reese

Don’t let the terrible book cover fool you. Have you ever heard the phrase “The bookmaker always wins”? Well this is the book that not only demonstrates why they don’t, but how it can be you that is profiting from them. This book is not a manual or a textbook, but I guarantee that by the time that you have finished reading it, you will have the knowledge to consistently beat bookmakers at their own game and win money from them at almost no risk to your own personal wealth.

This great little book has seven simple-to-follow methods that can transfer money directly from the bookmaker’s bottom line to your bank account. Regardless of whether you are new to betting, experienced but not winning, or simply want to increase your arsenal of ways to profit, there will be something in this book for you. Betting exchanges, spread betting and how to gain a mathematical edge, it is all covered. Buy this book. You Cannot Lose.

Advanced Matched Betting: Superior Bonus Bagging Strategies – Artemis Paint

Weird Author name but a very useful book. What this system looks at is hiding your activities from the online bookmakers so you don’t get ‘gubbed’.

Advanced Matched Betting is for beginners and experienced matched bettors. I start with the basic traditional method and quickly move on to more advanced strategies.

The advanced strategy is superior in 3 ways:
1. You will make more money than the guys using traditional methods
2. You will make the main bulk of your money faster
3. You will have much less chance of getting identified by the bookmakers of being a matched bettor. In fact, you will appear to be a mug punter (without having to place any separate bets) simply by using the system.

Free Bets: The complete guide to exploiting bookmaker betting offers – Tim Rands

The bookmakers are offering free money to anyone with enough courage to reach out and take it. They call them free bets – a bet paid for by them, at no risk to you. Great, you think, but what’s the catch?

The catch is that getting hold of the money is no mean feat. You’ll have to not only beat the odds, but dodge all the traps designed to make this a win-win for the bookies. We’re not interested in that. This needs to be a win-win-win… for you.

  • Answers to all the basic questions you’ve been too embarassed to ask
  • The clever terms and conditions the bookies use
  • A detailed step-by-step plan for claiming the free money
  • Exactly what tools you should be using
  • All the traps – and how to avoid them

My Own Buncejar Blog !

That’s right. Its cheeky I know but my blog written here covers everything you need to know about Matched Betting and unlike the others doesn’t cost you a penny !

Take a look here .


So that’s my list of loads of quality content for under ten pounds for everything you need to get going in Matched Betting. I’ve also included the link above for a free blog with a load of information I’ve written about the topic too to help you get started without paying a penny.