In this guide I’m going to show you exactly how to make money ( as quickly as tommorrow!) by using an easy trick to exploit differences in prices between two bookmakers to lock in an easy profit no matter what the outcome of a horse race or football match. This kind of ‘magic betting’ isn’t new, its been around for as long as betting has and is known as ‘arbitrage’ or arbing, but with online websites for bookmakers its never been easier to take daily risk free profits using only your smartphone and a few minutes per day.

I’m going to explain what Arbing is, how it works and then show you exactly how to exploit this loophole to make money on a daily basis. I’m even going to give you a link to get free arbing signals for 2 weeks with detailed instructions so that you can start making daily profits from your phone for a few minutes work per day.

What is Arbing ?

Arbing is short for arbitrage and describes the process of betting on an outcome where you end up with a profit no matter what the outcome. To be clear this means you have more than one bet on an event but you cannot lose overall.

Arbing does NOT mean you definitely know the outcome of a sports event, in fact you absolutely cannot predict who will win. What it means is that you have a bet on an outcome, but you also have another opposing bet as ‘insurance’ so that you win money no matter what happens in the sports event

So how do we get this special insurance bet and how do we get started making money ? Its probably best to start with an example so that you can understand how this works.

How Arbing is all around you without you even knowing.

I’m sure that most people reading this blog will have bought something online from Amazon or Ebay. What you may not have noticed is that sometimes you’ve bought an item from Ebay only to find it was delivered by Amazon. So what is happening? Clever people online use a technique called ‘dropshipping‘ to sell an item on Ebay for slightly more than they can instantly buy it on Amazon Prime with free delivery. Now all they have to do is every time someone buys an item off them , is go to Amazon and buy the item for less than the price they sold it for on Ebay and have it posted direct to the new customer.

This technique is called drop shipping. You simple scour Amazon for popular products and then check prices on Ebay. When you find plenty of people selling that item for more than you can get it on Amazon you make your own listing on Ebay and sit back and wait to take all the sales. The difference between the price you sold it for and the price you bought it for is your profit and you’ve never ‘handled’ the product. You’ve acted as a middleman with zero hassle.

Arbing Guide for Beginners
Arbing Guide for Beginners

No imagine you KNOW a sale or promotion is coming up on Amazon and that certain items like an electric kettle will be discounted for say 10%. This means you can now offer that item for sale on Ebay the day before for say 5% less than everyone else and still make a 5% profit yourself the next day when you buy the item for a 10% discount. You’ve sold in advance knowing you can buy later ( the next day) for less. This happens all the time between Ebay and Amazon and many people make money from drop shipping by using specialist software to monitor prices on items and list them for you.

Arbing Sports Bets

Ok so now you understand the idea of how dropshippers make money without even handling a product so how does this relate to Arbing? Well the principle is basically the same!

The aim is to place a bet for a sports event and then ‘sell’ the bet on closer to the event for a profit.

The Way Bookmakers always profit is the way Arbers always profit too!

When was the last time you saw a bookmaker issue a profit warning or go bust ?! Bookmakers don’t know the outcome of sports events (most of the time, I’ll avoid the ‘tin hat’ corruption argument for some events for a different blog). Bookmakers always make a profit because they balance their overall book of bets to a point where no matter what the outcome they skim a profit. They do this by offering odds that pay out less than the expected actual odds of the event. In essence they usually ‘rip off’ punters by about 10 percent.

Let me give you an example. If you and I were betting for the outcome of a coin toss we have two possible outcomes. Heads or Tails. So what is the probability of heads? The answer is fifty fifty. We are just as likely to get a heads as we are to get a tails. So if you and I were betting we could both put £1 down and the winner takes both. We are staking £1 to potentially win £1 at decimal odds of 2.0 .

Arbing guide for Beginners

I predict tails, you predict heads and we both put our £1 down each. We toss the coin and it comes up heads ! I’ve lost my stake and you’ve got your stake back AND your winnings! well done !

Now how would this look if we took our coin toss to a bookmaker ? They ‘bookie’ cannot predict what the outcome is but they would run an overround on this ‘book’ (event). We both go to the stand where the bookmaker is. I ask if I can please place a bet on Tails as the outcome. I pace my bet and hand over my £1 coin. I notice the bet slip says Ill win 90p and get my stake back if I’m right. You do the same for tails and your bet slip ALSO says you’ll win 90p and get your £1 stake back if you win.

We toss the coin and its heads again and you win ! You get your stake back and also your 90 p winnings. I have lost my £1 stake. The bookmaker has made a 10 percent profit (10p) no matter what the outcome. Has the coin fallen tails the bookmaker would STILL have made their 10% profit. This is what overround is and how and why bookmakers profit no matter what the outcome.

Arbing – A Basic Example

So now you understand what a bookmaker overround is you are ready to see how you can use this same principle in Arbing.

Lets look at another example and this time its with a Horse Race.

We are going to imagine that a horse called ‘Hedgeyourbets’ is racing today. It’s the favourite. In a number of cases (but not all) you will find that a favourite horse gets bet on heavily by lots of gamblers. When lots of gamblers bet on just one horse the bookmaker books can get a bit unbalanced so bookmakers lower the odds ( what is paid out) for that horse and increase the potential payouts for the other horses ( raise the odds). If we went back to think about coin toss it would be like seeing winnings of £1.20 being offered for tails and winnings of only 70p being offered for heads. The bookmaker is still running their 10 percent profit but the odds have shifted as gamblers bet on one horse more than another.

Sports Bet Bonus Bagging Guide
Beginners Guide to Arbing

If we were aware of many of the main factors that come into play to make a favourite horse have its odds drop in the 3 or 4 hours before a horse race we could take a bet out on the horse the day before when the odds are better and more favourable and then later the next day when bookmakers are offering terrible odds for the horse we could ‘sell’ our bet on an exchange for a profit because at that moment we would have the best odds !

If you remember back to our Dropshipping you’ll realise its the same principle.

We BOUGHT a bet when it was CHEAP ( with great odds) and SOLD the BET when the odds were bad ( so the bet was EXPENSIVE). It wont surprise you to know that a typical percentage profit for arbing is …….around ten percent just like the Bookies !

Betfair Exchange

So how do we ‘sell’ a bet we have bought cheap? We aren’t a bookmaker, we cant just set up a shop and hope someone comes along. The good news is there a an exchange online called Betfair that allows you to do this in just the same way you buy or sell things on Ebay.

The principle of ‘selling the bet’ is to actually use an ‘Anti-Bet’ called a Lay bet.

Betfair Exchange

A lay bet is simply a bet that something WONT happen. So for example if you placed a lay bet on our horse called ‘Hedegyourbets’ you would win that bet if any other horse wins other than ‘hedgeyourbets’.

What is a Lay Bet ?

You can probably now see that by ‘buying’ a bet on some horses the night before when the bets are cheap and then placing an ‘anti bet’ the next day that costs you less you lock in the difference between the two costs as your profit.

Example of an Arbitrage Bet with Horses

Lets take an actual look at exactly what I mean !

I have a signalling service called Buncejar that looks for these ‘bargain’ bets you can sell on the next day for a profit. Lets take a look at an actual ‘arb’ that happened this week. This is an actual selection for a horse called Sonnetina that ran in the 16.30 at Brighton on the 2nd July 2019.

Sonnetina, 16:30 at Brighton on 02-07-2019

The night before the Buncejar software saw this was a likely candidate to be a profitable bet to sell so my subscribers simply read the email alert and placed a bet for £50 at decimal odds of 2.87. This means if the horse wins you get your stake back (£50) and another x1.87 your stake as winnings. Add the stake and the winnings and that’s 2.87 times your stake.

Arbing for Beginners Guide
Arbing for Beginners Guide

The next day we placed a lay bet as the odds had fallen to 2.36 a few hours before the race. So if you think about it you now only win 2.36 times your stake not the 2.87 times your stake the night before. Looked at another way you would need to use a higher more costly stake to make the same winnings. In effect this bet has got more expensive ( just like our dropshipped kettles on Ebay).

All my subscribers then did was use a custom calculator to tell them exactly how much to place an ‘anti bet’ for to secure a profit no matter what the outcome of the race. They placed an anti-bet of £61.12 at odds of 2.36 to secure a £9.02 profit no matter what the outcome.

Arbing for Beginners Guide
Arbing for Beginners Guide

The horse went on to lose its race. Which didn’t matter. Our original bet stake of £50 was lost but we had an ‘anti-bet’ stake of £62.12 we did the next day which won us £62.12 for the horse losing. So deduct the £50 loss and a small charge from Betfair from the £62.12 gain and we are left with a healthy 18% profit from one quick arb for a few minutes work.

My signal service offers up to an average of 6 signals per night so you can see that with a very small amount of money and a few minutes time on your phone you can bag an average of £6 for every £50 bet you arb with 4 out of 5 arbs being profitable ( one in five arbs will lose a few pounds when the price does not move down).


So now you understand how you can profit from buying and selling sports bets and if you click on this link you can enjoy 2 weeks of free Arbing signals straight to your mobile phone with detail step by step instructions to start making money in the next 24hrs !