Bingo Bonus Bagging Guide – Using Free Bingo Online Tickets to Make a Profit

So this blog may come as something of a surprise. When people say ‘you make your own luck they are often right’. In this blog I’m going to fully reveal a little known and legal ‘online hack’ to allow you to scoop up win after win with online Bingo with very very little risk to any of your own money.

Tim Lowe Ultimate Beginners Shares Investing Guide
Tim Lowe Ultimate Beginners Shares Investing Guide

Welcome to a blog with simple and easy to use instructions for making genuine, legal profits by exploiting this generous loophole in online Bingo sites.

Free Bingo Bonuses

This very simple system will take up about ten or 15 mins per day and over 2 weeks should net you up to £1000 from a small starting bank of about £60 or even less.

You are about to learn  all the skills required to turn £10 or £5 into £100, £220 or even more in ten minutes.

This system requires no ‘trading skills’ it simply requires the user to buy tickets in an online bingo hall.  What I must stress is that these techniques will only work ONCE per Bingo Company (there are hundreds though!) and you should NEVER play bingo with any online company when you don’t have more than 100% bonus with your money ( don’t worry Ill explain more about this in the blog later)

£560 profit in 2 weeks from free bingo Bonus bets

While writing this manual I visited several bingo sites to record videos and grab screenshots … and over the course of 2 weeks I visited a total of 14 bingo sites and made £560 PROFIT. In Dec 2017 I recorded the videos you see on this blog and made £500 profit in a week.

While recording the videos for this blog I made £500 in a week from free Bingo Bonus Bets

That’s just one bingo site per day, with a starting pot of £50.  You can start with as little as £5 if you wish and make the same profits , it may just take slightly longer.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

Free Bingo Bonus Bagging – Lets get started

Online bingo has become a very widespread phenomenon – in fact there is now more money played online in bingo on any given day in the UK than is gambled on sports.

It is VERY profitable for the small group of companies that control the whole market so it is no surprise that these companies offer HUGE introductory bonuses to encourage you to sign up with them and get hooked.

What we do is exploit these large bonuses to win money while risking very little of our own money in the process.

It is quite normal to be using only £5 £10 of your own money to have winnings of £100, £220 and even £224, all of which you can see in the support videos that come with these instructions.

You’ll see straight away that these were not ‘one off flukes’ they all happened within the same two weeks.

I will show you how to ‘dominate’ a bingo game and exploit quiet times of day and certain games to virtually ensure you win money.

There is nothing illegal or nefarious about what you will do, its simple mathematics  and the bingo companies generous joining offers working in our favour!

Bingo Bonus Bagging – Getting Started

Right, so how does this all work? … Well, in order to understand the system you need to understand how online bingo halls work.

You will be familiar with how ‘conventional’ bingo halls work. People buy bingo cards with random numbers on and then balls are ‘called out’ at random as they are selected from a large tumbler full of all the numbers. When someone has a full line or every single number matched you win a prize, usually money but sometimes a prize.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

The online Bingo Halls are fully automated and use random number generators to ‘pick’ the numbers.

There are games running all day every day, and the ‘house’ has a 40% profit on every game.

What this means is that no matter who wins – the bingo site makes a 40% profit per game.

Bingo Bonus Bagging – An example

Let’s take an example. Let’s say a bingo company sells £1 tickets and has 1000 available. This means that they would distribute the winnings so that the total winnings were £600 (leaving them with £400 or 40% to keep as profit).  You might expect house to be £500, one line £25 and two lines £75.

What this means for you and the average ‘mug’ bingo ‘punter’ is that every time a standard player wagers £10 on tickets they should only expect £6 back in winnings. Of course some will win but most will lose.

Whilst all this goes on the ‘house always wins’ EVERY SINGLE TIME.

SO, if all this is correct – how on earth are we going to profit?

The answer lies in the juicy bonuses that the online bingo halls offer to join up.

A typical offer is to deposit £10 and get £50 to play with. That’s £40 of free tickets.

If we played a game with our £10 we would only expect on average £6 back in winnings.   We have £10 at risk of our own money.

But now let’s take into account that juicy £40 bonus. We now have £50 spending power and only £10 at risk.  We know that house wins 40% so we expect 60% of £50 back on average….that’s £30 in winnings! We only put £10 in so we have made a £20 profit on our £10 wagered.

And that’s basically it.

That’s how our system works. You will always use the bonuses to give you an edge and boost your buying power.

You are using simple maths and statistics to take advantage of their offer.

In effect with Bingo Bonus Bagging you are making your own luck !

The overall principle is simple. Deposit £10 and receive the bonus and then simply buy up as many tickets in as many halls as you can with your money and sit back and wait for the winnings.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

So, I’ve established that these bonuses allow almost anybody to make a profit – but only if you don’t stumble blindly in and instead follow the steps I’ve outlined below … I’ll show how to stack the deck in your favour even more!

I’m sure, by now, you realise there are a number of ways that you can give yourself a further edge, and that’s what I’ll be going through here…

The first is timing … it’s essential that you play bingo when the halls are quiet and where games have very few players, or with ‘big ticket’ prices that your average ‘recreational bingo player’ doesn’t like to play.

Bingo Bonus Bagging – Best Times of Day

During testing my team found the best times of day are just after midday and all afternoon. NEVER NEVER EVER play in the evenings unless its the daily or weekly big prize bonus games that pay a guaranteed £50 to £400 or more jackpot and have ticket prices between 25p and 50p

This system is something you could do in your lunch-break at work, or while you are eating lunch at home.  A Cassava site (I’ll explain exactly what that is in a moment) with 20 or so players is perfect, if you see 100 players or more this is very unfavourable. Again its simple maths, the fewer players the more tickets you can buy … and the more likely you are to win.

Secondly, let’s look at the sort of bingo games you should play.

In the supporting videos I show you exactly which games are favourable , you are looking for a sweet spot combination of high ticket price , low number of players and decent winnings.

Finally keep your eyes peeled for the FREE BINGO halls as well. You might as well play on them while you are visiting 😉 (don’t play free bingo every day, though, or you risk getting banned).

Bingo Bonus Bagging – Detailed Instructions

There are two major types of bingo online website. They will use either Dragonfish Technology (like the Cassava site I mentioned above) or Virtue Fusion software (which is used more by the Bingo sections of established bookmaker’s sites like Paddy Power, Betfair or Betfred). You can easily tell which site is which as it will say on the bottom of the main website home page.

Don’t worry I list EVERY site you should visit later in this blog.

Depending on the technology used by the site – we offer slightly differing strategies on how to get the most out of your bonus.

Bingo Bonus Bagging – Cassava Sites – Dragonfish

I recommend starting with the Cassava sites to get used to online bingo.

With the Cassava sites like Posh Bingo and Tasty Bingo you will get your bingo bonus funds the moment you deposit. So for example you might deposit £10 and get £20 in bonus funds … or deposit £20 and get £40.

Be wary of depositing more than £20 as the extra bonus funds offered are tempting but you’ll be hard pushed to spend more than about £60 or £70 on any site in one go unless you opt for spending quite a lot on the advance tickets for £50, £100 or £400 daily or weekly  jackpots.

Once deposited go to the bingo ‘lobby’ where all the games are listed. Your aim now is simple … you need to spend your £10 first (the sites automatically spend your real money first) then all the bonus tickets.

It’s usually important that you spend all your bonus money quickly, in less than 5 mins as once real money ‘winnings’ start going in to your real money you won’t be able to spend any more of the bonus money without spending the real money first (which you won’t want to do) but…….

So … here’s a tip to make your life MUCH easier ( you can see me do this in the supporting videos)

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

Spend your first £10 on some pre-buy daily jackpot tickets that are 20p to 50p per ticket. These games are usually at 8pm or 9pm at night and are the ONLY exception to the ‘Don’t play in the evening rule’  That now means your real money has been spent and you can now spend your bonus, but more importantly the time pressure has been lifted  for you to buy the other tickets.  Its not unusual to only see about 10 players signed up for these games due to the ticket cost so you have a superb chance of winning the jackpot.  There is nothing wrong with simply only targetting these games .

Just to remind you, you should play when the halls are quiet; during the day is a great time between 12 and 6pm. You are looking for about 20-30 players or less ideally on games. Watch the supporting videos to get a better idea of the tactic here.

Making money using Bingo Bonuses

I find it is best with each bingo site to have a good look around the bingo lobby before starting for 10 mins so you get a good feel for what games are being played and how many people are playing and what the ticket prices are.

Also watch and re-watch the videos until you have a really good idea of what you need to do so you don’t get caught in two minds when you start playing for real.

So when you’re ready to ‘go’ … on each game click on the buy max tickets button to save time. You should prioritise games with jackpots of £50  or more with ticket prices of 20p or more first, and do the 5p or 10p games last as they have very small jackpots and attract lots of players. Remember you can schedule ticket buying up to a week in advance so ther is absolutely no need to rush if you are only buying the daily jackpot type games that pay our a guaranteed £50 plus.

Once you’ve done this once – you should find the rest a breeze as all the cassava sites are basically identical, its simply the ‘theme ‘that changes from site to site.  You will soon find they all feel very familiar time and time again on new sites. Many of the cassava sites SHARE the same games with a different wrapper on them .

Once you’ve spent all your money sit back and let the games play out.  Remember if you’ve spent any money on daily jackpots you’ll need to pop back later or the next day to collect your winnings, or even later in the week if you’ve bought a few jackpot games. Make a note when your games are playing so you know when to go back and look for winnings.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

Typical winnings in these types of sites tend to range from £50 up to about £400 (if you opt for some of the pre buy daily guaranteed jackpot games)

Often the Cassava sites have a rule that you must have deposited at least £20 or £30 before you can withdraw winnings. If that is the case simply deposit more funds to get to the amount required and then withdraw everything straight after.

Once you have enjoyed your bonus and winnings DO NOT RETURN TO THE BINGO SITE TO PLAY unless you have been offered a new bonus deal on email with low wagering requirements that’s worth more than 100% of the deposit amount. A typical example of this is the offer code PUREBINGO you will get on an email a week or two after your first visit.

Remember Cassava are counting on the fact that you will be tempted to play again ….. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP unless you have a ‘reload’ offer code.

Online Casino SLot Bonuses – How to profit from them

You may also be offered a free £5 or £10 slots bonus with cassava. the slots will play your REAL cash first so it is ESSENTIAL you spend your real cash first on advance jackpot tickets…then spin the slot bonus ….then play the bonus bingo funds once your slots bust out ( or pay out in real cash) . Again there is a video of me doing exactly this with Bingo Street .

Bingo Bonus Bagging – Virtue Fusion Sites

Virtue Fusion hosts the central games and the bookies that typically use this technology all effectively send you to the same bingo lobby just via a different ‘entrance’. Once you have exhausted all the sites we recommend with Cassava you are now ready to get started on a select few of the bookie sites. What I mean by this is that the well known bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Betfred and Paddy Power also have online bingo sites that are all powered by the same central ‘hub’ called Virtue Fusion.

What is a Virtue Fusion Bingo website

Think of virtue fusion as the central hub in a giant wheel made up of all the bookie sites, and these sites will have a much higher quality feel than the ones you’ll come across later on, and your opportunities for making money are much, much, larger here.

Because there are a large number of games, its well worth considering depositing the maximum amount possible that gets you the maximum bonus possible.

If, for example you are offered a 200% bonus up to £100 max bonus then it’s well worth depositing £50 to get that full £100 bonus.

The tactic here is much more laid back and sedate. When you first deposit you won’t get your bonus funds added. What happens is you need to spend your deposited real cash first. There is no rush and you can buy tickets well in advance of the game so you can choose what you go for. There are videos in this blog to show you what to do.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

Once this is done it will then pop a box to announce your bonus funds being added.  After that bonus funds will always be spent first before real cash (unlike the Cassava sites you’ll see later). This means there is no rush for you to play through your bonus tickets.

As I mentioned above, we recommend playing on these sites during the day and not in the evenings, and with the quality games like ‘Deal or No Deal 75 ’ or ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ bingo. My optimum time is 12 midday until about 2pm each day on the 75 ball and 90 Ball  Deal or No Deal Bingo . the cost per strip should be 15p  or more. NEVER BUY TICKETS LESS THAN 15p.  There are plenty of supporting videos for each bookie on what to do here . Make sure you watch them BEFORE you start playing. Ideally aim for the big hourly games where the tickets are 30p to 50p a ticket .

Once you have got your bingo bonus funds you can decide on one of two strategies. For a lower risk route I suggest visiting the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ bingo game and use the scheduler / pre buy facility to buy the maximum tickets in every game as far forward as your money will allow with tickets priced at 15p or more.

Usually this is about an hour’s worth of games.

Best games to play for Bingo Bonus Bagging

The ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ game has a reasonably high win rate with lower jackpots which means on average you can expect wins between £30 to £90 and most times you bonus bag with a bingo hall you end up in profit.

The ‘Deal or No Deal’ 75  bingo  has a slightly lower win rate, but even one line wins about £20 and jackpots are often in the region of £150 to £300. You must accept though that sometimes you will win nothing at all with an entire visit to a Bingo site. This is normal. You should view your first 5 visits to Virtue Fusion sites as an all over £50 spend with an all over result rather than focusing on one particular outcome from one bingo site.

Played over 5  Virtue Fusion sites either strategy will be profitable, but don’t mix and match games between bingo companies. Stick with ‘Millionaire’ or ‘Deal or No Deal 75 ’ and do the same with all the sites.  More cautious people will be happy with ‘Millionaire’ and more aggressive people will like ‘Deal or No Deal 75 ’.

If you win on ‘Deal or No Deal 75’ you’ll be offered to choose between a red box and a set prize on top of your jackpot. Don’t worry – you don’t have to sit through all the games in case this happens, if you aren’t ‘in’ the bingo room they will assume you have rejected the bankers offer and give you what’s in the red box. Either way you would win some extra money on top of your jackpot.

After an hour or so (take note of when the last game you bought tickets for ends) you can return and withdraw your winnings. Some virtue fusion sites require x2 wagering so you may have a lot of winnings in the bonus balance. At the top in the balance area you will see what money is in the bonus section and what is now ‘free money ready to be withdrawn’. If you see some winnings in the bonus simply buy a few more tickets at about £5 at a time until you see all the bonus money magically appear into the normal balance. At this point you are clear to withdraw all your profits.

Bingo bonus bagging- take your own time with pre bought tickets to future games

Remember Don’t worry, simply buy tickets for one game at a time until the rest of the money is released into your real funds. I show you what to do in the video in this blog.  Don’t worry if you aren’t free during the day to play these games at the optimum time ….. you can schedule games in advance and we show you this in the video … so you can set up games from multiple bookie accounts one evening to all play the next day between 12 and 1 !!! brilliant !

One final observation on Virtue Fusion sites is the win rates. I have a certain expectation of win rates with these games but time and time again I have seen huge wins on the first time people play with their introductory bonuses.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

The wins I have seen in testing are far too unlikely, and were not repeatable when I wagered the same funds on repeat occasions after the bonus offer.

What I have is a suspicion that the virtue fusion sites massively increase the chances of winning a full house for users first visits, this is a way of creating a feel good factor and to encourage you to return on other occasions.

In fact I think the Return to player percentage may be HIGHER than 100% for the first time visits.

Finally some of the virtue fusion sites offer a £5 or £10 slots bonus too. If you can be bothered set the stake to 1p on Rainbow Riches slot ( a small window you can play on the bingo game page) and set the spins to auto 100 and let them roll. On at least 3 occasions I’ve actually spun out the 35 times wagering and got a decent some of money out from these as well. MY record was over £100 ! the key is every time you win big and the balance doubles you need to double the stake amount from 1p to 2p etc etc. Don’t worry if you spin to bust out … it will happen but nothing ventured nothing gained and this little slot bonus costs you nothing so you might as well have a go .

Bingo bonus bagging -Bingo sites to AVOID

There are a number of reasons to avoid these sites. I and my team have tested them with multiple accounts on multiple occasions and each time have left feeling more than a little dubious at the way the site was run.

In fact, with one of the companies on the list below, we are fairly convinced that NO-ONE every wins and that the declared winners are fake accounts.

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Bingo Bonus Bagging

On many of the others the small number of games or lack of players makes playing the sites nearly impossible.  There are also some sites with TOO MANY players where you are lost in the crowd. Some also have strange and complicated wagering requirements that are impossible to profit from.

Bingo sites to AVOID for bingo bonus bagging

Bet365 Bingo

BGO Bingo

William Hill Bingo

Betfair Bingo

Boyle Bingo

Looney Bingo

Bingo Giving

ITV Bingo

Winner Bingo

Jackpot Bingo

Virgin Games / Bingo

Circus Bingo

Bingo Extra

Paddy Power Bingo

Tombola (the absolute worst online Bingo site I’ve seen for both genuine players and bonus baggers, my team actually strongly suspect this company isnt being entirely ‘forthright’)

Also AVOID ANY bingo site with bonus wagering requirements of X4 or higher. You statistically WILL not make it profitable without a lot of luck.

Gala Bingo

Mecca Bingo

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

How to pick and assess other bingo sites for bingo bonus bagging

You now have the skills and experience to continue doing this for years.  If you google online bingo there are hundreds of sites, almost all owned by Cassava / 888.

When assessing a new site you MUST consider the wagering requirements. Avoid any higher than x2 wagering and be careful that a ‘bonus’ isn’t actually comprised of a half & half mix of slots and bingo bonuses.  you should only select reload offers that have at least 100% of your stake matched and have wagering requirements of x2 or LESS

Reload Offers – bingo bonus bagging

Also keep an eye on your email because you will be offered ‘reload’ additional bonuses from all bingo companies from time to time. Our favourite is a weekly reload with BGO every Friday for buy £10 get £10 free on Bingo. as an example this week its the code GIFT entered in the promotional codes section on the lobby.  You can look up the code each week in the promotions section of BGO every Friday.  I’ve made considerable money on BGO reloads , my record is £273 off a BGO reload code and a Beta tester made £100.

Just remember to spend the tickets on a quiet Friday lunchtime NOT at the weekend.  Also BGO have a monthly free £5 if you input the code 5FREEDEC , 5 FREEJAN etc etc.  for the FREEDEC codes it has an 8x wagering on it but you don’t have to deposit anything , for this we recommend that you go for a super large jackpot game like the Deal or No Deal 90 ball game with a 50p per ticket cost . that way if you win you will win big and be able to wager through the x8 winnings easily to get your money out.

bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide

AND REMEMBER…… NEVER, NEVER, EVER just go to a site and PLAY BINGO.  House ALWAYS wins.

Now you know the background and principle you can watch the videos on exactly what to do once you’ve opened an account .


Advanced Tips – Bingo bonus bagging

  • When checking how much money you’ve left to spend refresh the balance of real money and bonus money regularly using the refresh button. The bingo sites will often deliberately not refresh your bonus on purpose to make you spend your own money ‘by accident’.
  • I’ve been caught out a few times buying extra tickets that we thought were bonus when actually we had spent all our bonus money and ended up spending real money by mistake! keep refreshing the site between buying tickets, maybe only buy in chunks of £5 or £6 at a time then refresh the bonus balance before buying more.
  • Some virtue fusion sites can have a bit of a hiccup giving you the free bonus. I suspect that sometimes they do this on purpose. If this happens simply get hold of the bingo site using their live chat facility and get them to put it right for you.  They will try the same stunts sometimes when trying to withdraw money claiming ‘you still have games open etc etc’ simply live chat them and get them to sort it.
  • Beware School Holidays – not so much during the summer break but at Christmas, Easter and definitely half term watch the various rooms fill to around double the normal capacity and reduce our chances of winning…
  • finally once you’ve been through all the sites I recommend once …. you can do it all over again with your wife or husbands or partners details !!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you get any issues or don’t have the correct bonus applied or no bonus at all then DO NOT start playing BINGO. get on the live chat with the bingo company until you’ve got this resolved.  NEVER PLAY BINGO WITH JUST YOUR OWN MONEY AND NO BONUS
bingo bonus bagging guide
bingo bonus bagging guide