Matched Betting Websites Review

Do not buy any Matched Betting Product until you have read this blog.

In this blog I’m going to walk you through the different options for websites that help you with Matched Betting comparing how effective they are and how much they cost.

As I show you the different companies that are available I’m sure you will see why each of them has one unique flaw in their system which means you often get banned by the bookmakers very quickly ( which stops your daily profits).

Tim Lowe

So what is Matched Betting ?

Actually matched betting is a topic that I’ve covered before. My blog about Arbitrage Here covers this profitable area in much more detail.

Matched Betting is also known as arbing which is short for arbitrage and describes the process of betting on an outcome where you end up with a profit no matter what the result . To be clear this means you have more than one bet on an event but you cannot lose overall.

Matched Betting does NOT mean you definitely know the outcome of a sports event, in fact you absolutely cannot predict who will win. What it means is that you have a bet on an outcome, but you also have another opposing bet as ‘insurance’ so that you win money no matter what happens in the sports event

Profitable Football Betting Strategy Guide for Beginners
Matched Betting Guide

The main difference between what ‘the internet’ defines arbing and matched betting is to do with the fact that often people use free bets offered by online bookmakers for opening a new account as part of the system. This means that one of the two bets you need to place is free so you can often end up skimming around 65% to 70% of the free bet out as pure profit with no risk at all to your money.

The Rise In Popularity of Matched Betting

About 10 years ago Matched Betting (or Bonus Bagging) was a BIG DEAL. Everyone jumped on it and it was a glorious time to make cash. I remember times when you could pull £1000 per month out of it with total ease and it was very rare that you got banned (or gubbed) by the bookies unless you started waving around more than £100 per bet.

A few things changed. Firstly the Exchange Betfair came along and started having a fair market place where everyone could go to get best price. The bookmakers were not happy and eventually they made a decision. They basically stopped trying to run a balanced book and while publicly decrying Betfair began to use it themselves. They got lazy and eventually some of the Bookmakers came unstuck and lost money. If you go online these days and look at the public accounts for any large Bookmaker thats listed on the Stockmarket you are in for a surprise. Most have posted losses for the last few years on the Sports Book Element of their business.

So why am I telling you this? Well its because it explains why online bookmakers went to war with matched bettors in the last few years and why so many people doing matched betting are getting gubbed in days or weeks rather than months and years.

What is Back and Lay Betting in Matched Betting ?

I’m sure you are aware that these days you can ‘buy and sell’ anything online, from stocks and shares to items on eBay.

Matched Betting works by showing you how to buy a bet online from a bookmaker with a free bet they have given you and then sell it the next day for a profit without them even knowing to someone else! The outcome of the race being irrelevant to your profits!

Just imagine for a minute that you had been ‘tipped off’ that a brand of posh kettle was about to increase in price online with all retailers. Imagine if you also knew where you could buy the last one at £50 knowing that the best price the next day would be £65, absolutely everywhere in the shops or online. Now imagine you also had a £50 voucher to use to buy the kettle as well !

Betfair Exchange with Back and Lay Prices

You could buy that kettle the night before, and sell it on eBay the next day for a locked in profit of £15 AND turn your voucher into £50 hard cash as well !

Right, so now imagine ‘buying’ ( placing ) a bet at odds of 3/1. This means your potential winnings are 3 times your stake. If you bet £50 you could win £150 (plus your stake back).  Now, if bookies were offering odds of 2/1 the following morning (odds nearly always decrease as more people bet on it) then the potential payout is now only £100 plus your stake back for the same stake. In the morning a gambler needs to bet MORE in their stake than you did to make the same £150 profit.

In effect, the price of the bet has got MORE expensive because you win less for the same stake.  You already know that if you can sell something for more than you bought it for – you GUARANTEE A PROFIT.

The ‘sell’ part of the bet is by placing a special ‘anti-bet’ called a lay bet which bets against your outcome. The cost to you for this anti bet 80% of the time is lower than the cost of the bet in the first place so the difference between the two costs of your bets is the profit you will make.

With a Bet and an Anti-Bet ( called a lay bet) in the market you cant lose because if the match or race you bet on wins then you win your back bet and if the match or race you bet on loses you win the anti-bet !

The Single Biggest Threat to Matched Betting is Getting Gubbed

I cannot stress this point enough BEFORE you start matched betting. Most of the sites will tell you all these great stories of genuine money people have made and they are true. The issue is that some people only raked it in for 3 weeks before having their accounts stopped. Once you are gubbed by a bookmaker that’s it. Short of a new email, new identity, new address, new bank account new phone AND new IP address you will not be able to open a new account up.

Image result for banned by bet365 email buncejar
Banned By an Online Bookmaker

When you consider which Matched Betting Service to Use you need to go with the one that is ‘Gub Proof’

The best system that churns out the highest profits is irrelevant if it costs £100 up front and only works for 3 weeks before you get banned by every online bookmaker there is for your behaviour. Teh key to picking the best online matched betting service is to take into account the monthly cost, the potential profits and how well the system flies under the radar for you not getting noticed by the online bookmakers as anything other than your average mug punter.

So here are some of the top Matched Betting Sites you can Use and my views on each of them

Matched Betting Oddsmonkey Review

Oddsmonkey has a free starting entry that allows you to make up to £45 ( which will be your first few trades only for a few days) and after that it cost £17.99 per month.

They have over 100 tutorials but they are behind the paywall so you’ll need to be a subscriber to get access.

Their main feature is their ‘Oddsmatcher’ software which looks for live arbing opportunities. Its clever because its looking for situations that occur where the ‘lay’ price is lower on Betfair than the current ‘back’ price on a bookmaker site. This is what I call an ‘instant arb’ because you can back immediately and place a lay bet ( remember the anti bet?) straight away for a quick locked in profit. On paper this looks great…. and it is ….except that the online bookmakers you are buying from with the better cheaper prices are ALSO monitoring the Betfair exchange prices so they build up a ‘hit list’ of people only taking bets when there is a price discrepancy and so a few days or weeks later KAPOW ! you are banned from that bookmaker and that’s the end of your matched betting income.

Matched Betting Websites Review
Matched Betting Websites Review

There are about 10 or less decent bookmakers that matched betting is worth doing with and when they ban you that’s it so you need to think very carefully about which system you use that will give you years of matched betting profits rather than one that will leave you banned for life within weeks.

The ODDSMONKEY Daily Calendar is another way to Get Gubbed Fast

The Daily Offer Calendar is also a great idea to help you find free bets but again if you are jumping on every single free bet all the time you’ll quickly find that bookmakers will ban you. Instead you really want to look for a service that allows you to make money from matched betting without needing that free bet.

The Oddsmonkey Racing Matcher is also geared to getting you banned FAST

Again this piece of software looks for instant mispricing opportunities so given that bookmakers also monitor the Betfair exchange prices and know the periods when the anti bet ( lay bet) was cheaper than their bet ( so you got an instant locked in profit) they will also quickly figure out who is a matched bettor and ban you in a matter of weeks.

Oddsmonkey ACCA matched is another way to get banned from bookmakers quickly

You are probably starting to see a pattern here ? an ACCA is an accumulator bet and again this clever software does find situations where you can bag an instant profit….but again because the bookmakers also monitor the Anti-Bet ( Lay Bet ) prices at Betfair you will find yourself getting banned within a few weeks as they figure out you are a matched bettor.

The Oddsmonkey Free Guides Section Tells You Almost Nothing

In fact the free section of the Oddsmonkey Guides site tells you less than I’ve already told you here.

OddsMonkey Verdict

So what do you get for £17 per month? Well its actually a good system once you pay but the issue is that the strategies used will get you flagged up as a matched bettor quickly and your valuable one time opportunity to get a tax free regular income for years will be lost.

The best analogy I can think of is that you could turn up to a party drunk and noisy and take some food and drink and leave but after a few weeks you’ll get stopped at the door. What Oddsmonkey doesn’t show you how to do is to go to the party dressed well and slip the food and drink in your pocket and leave and never get caught for years.

Profit Accumulator Matched Betting
Profit Accumulator Matched Betting

Matched Betting Profit Accumulator Review

So I’m not even going to waste your time here. The pricing and offering is identical to Oddsmonkey. The flaws are identical too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are actually the same company with two different ‘labels’ on the front. There is no sane reason to do matched betting this way because you will get banned from the bookmakers in a very short time.

matched bets websites review
matched bets websites review

Matched Bets .com Review

So the pricing here is…… You guessed it ! £18 per month ( so 1p more per month than the others). The good news is you can have a free trail for £1 for 14 days but the bad news is this is just another identical offering as the others for the same price. Same systems and features and the same flaws that will get your accounts banned in a matter of weeks.

matched betting websites review
matched betting websites review

Profit Squirrel Matched Betting Review

So Profit Squirel is different from all the others. So that’s good ?! The difference is the price per month is more expensive. The monthly subscription is £24.99 rather than £17.99 and guess what ?…….Yes that’s right ! The systems and features they offer are identical to the other Matched Betting Sites with all the same ‘get you banned’ flaws all over again.

Mike Cruickshank Bonus Bagging
Mike Cruickshank Bonus Bagging

Mike Cruickshanks Bonus Bagging

To some extent this is the ‘Godfather’ of Matched Betting and certainly the biggest and longest running product around. Its safe to say that Mike certainly was one of the first and certainly very successful at selling it. His product also shows you how to bag money from Bingo for Free as well ( which I show you for free here) and various other little things on the side but the issue comes down to strategy. This product was the method that all the other Matched Betting Sites copied. Mike did it first which is great, but this system has never really been tweaked to deal with the aggressive banning activities of the modern online bookmaker.

At £27 per month this is the most expensive and although it has clear pedigree you atre still paying for the Rolling Stones to perform, but long past their ripe young days on stage. Mikes product suffers the same issues as all the others, the strategies will get you gubbed from a bookmaker who is also monitoring online lay bet prices relative to their own prices.

Matched Betting Buncejar Review

So we finally find ourselves at Buncejar.

Buncejar came about because I was fed up seeing so many people getting gubbed that I knew with some tweaks we could find a way for the bets to fly under the radar of the bookmakers for years not weeks. ( remember me talking about mingling at the party in nice clothes and just drinking the wine but coming back every night for years? Well this is how to do it)


You can probably tell now that all the Matched Betting Systems offered are basically the same. They offer slightly different monthly costs, and all of them have the same flaw…they exploit wide and unlikely odds so much you might as well have your user name as GUBMENOW2019.

Buncejar works because we only arb on some favourite horses so your matched bet is lost in the throng of other mug gamblers. We also tell you to back the horse when the lay price on Betfair is ABOVE the back price so in effect the bookmaker monitoring betting behvaiour online assumes you absolutely CANNOT be a matched bettor. You will never see Buncejar betting on a football match to be a draw at odds of 3 to 1 because this is a sure fire way to get banned.

Buncejar also offers all the instructions for free up front. All the others hide their actual methods behind a payment wall so you have to fork out cash to find out.

Buncejar works by slipping you in the night before with all the eager gamblers ( when the prices throw the bookmakers off the scent as to you being a matched bettor) and then the next day a few hours before the race you simply place your lay bet then when the price of the lay bet has got cheaper. You are lost in the busy crowd of all the other normal gamblers so you simply wont get noticed.

There is an even bigger bonus to Buncejar too….. and that is that you DONT need free bets to make money using Buncejar. All the other Matched Betting products rely on those free bets for your profit margin whereas Buncejar CAN use free bets for EVEN MORE PROFIT but is still profitable long after those generous free bets have dried up.

A quick look recently online showed me that there is only about £1000 in total of free bets that are easily available for new accounts. After that there are very few. If you think about it why would you subscribe to an annual plan that you know needs free bets to work and worse still is likely to get you banned long before you get them done anyway.

Buncejar cleverly avoids you getting banned from bookmakers for YEARS and better still doesn’t need free bets to bag you monthly legal tax free profits for a long long time.

The other thing is ALL of the information you need is in the public area of the Buncejar website so you can read up on exactly how to do it first. When you are ready you can then take advantage of a free 14 day trial as well so you can see just how much money you can make.


There are pros and cons with using any of the popular services, they all have reasonable customer service and community support and they vary a little bit in price. They all DO cost money up front though and they all make you bet on strange outcomes that raises the eyebrows of the angry online bookmakers quickly. All the other products Ive reviewed here will stop working the moment the free bets dry up.

I’m sure you see now why Buncejar was created. It avoids being gubbed by using only some horse favourites, provides an easy email signal each night so you arent stuck to a screen for 3 hours looking for the perfect trade and bets of all there is a 2 week free trail AND the instructions are all in the public domain too.

Of course Im biased about Buncejar, but it was created because I was so dissapointed at what was still on offer when the online betting market had moved on so dramatically. I wanted to show people one of the great ways I help people gain passive low risk tax free income.

Click on the link to find out more and enjoy 2 weeks of free profits with Buncejar today.