Sports Bonus Bagging Guide

Bonus Bagging – where you harvest the free introductory bets from online bookmakers to lock in a profit no matter what the outcome- has been around for years.

In this blog I’m going to teach you exactly how to do bonus bagging for free. Ill give you step by step instructions as well as explain why all the paid services from other companies are getting thousands of people permanently banned by online bookmakers when I have a clever hack that means you very very rarely get caught by an online bookmaker.

So What is Sports Bonus Bagging ?

This technique allows you to grab all the free bets that online bookmakers give you and match them with a special counter bet so that you can guarantee yourself a locked in profit no matter what the outcome of the match or race. If it is done correctly there is absolutely no way you can use.

This method generates tax free profits and usually involves free bets for sports events, free bets for casinos and even online Bingo. The proceeds from this are tax free too.

This idea isn’t new. Many people have been doing this for many years now. In fact most services that teach you how to do this charge £20 per month or more to teach you how to do it. In this blog I’m going to throw open the doors of this industry and show you how to do it for free.

Sports Bet Bonus Bagging Guide
Sports Bet Bonus Bagging Guide

I’m going to throw open the doors of bonus bagging and teach you for free how to make tax free legal profits from online bookmakers without risking any of your own money.

Whilst I’ve got great news for you ( that I’m teaching you how to do this for free) there is also some bad news. The ‘hey day’ for this kind of thing is long gone. Companies and services like Mike Cruickshank and Profit Squirrel have hammered the Online Bookmakers in such a blatant way that thousands of people have been detected using their basic system and got banned.

In this blog I’m going to teach you how to ‘hide’ your free bets in the mass of normal gamblers in normal races so that you go completely undetected by the online bookmakers. I want to be clear that nothing you are doing is illegal, far from it in fact, but bookmakers HATE to lose so they will do everything they can do ban a ‘sharp’ which is their term for someone who is a savvy gambler.

Before I dig in with how to make between £500 and £1000 from sports bonus bagging lets clear up some of the other bonus bagging areas where you can also make some money with very little or no risk.


How on earth can you possibly gain an edge in an online Bingo game ? Well the answer is to use the free bingo tickets you get for joining up with certain online Bingo companies. If you combine these free tickets and hammer particular games with high prizes and low numbers of players your chances of winning are incredibly high.

If you visit my blog on Bingo Bonus Bagging here you can find out how to make £220, £360 and £103 in a matter of ten minutes with only £5 or £10 of your own money. There is even videos of me and my team doing exactly that and explaining exactly what they did.

Go have a look here

Slots – Bonus Bagging

Everyone knows slot machines are for chumps ? Well, unlike the sports and bingo bonus bagging I’m afraid to say that good old mathematics is against you with online slot machines.

The concept is simple, accept bonus offerings from online casinos…for example, deposit £100 and get an extra £400.  The issue here is that you cannot withdraw this bonus straight away. You need to wager this bonus through many times. For some, this can be as much as 40 times the bonus and your deposit. So in our example you would need to wager £20K to be able to withdraw what you have left.  This is a staggering amount of wagering and again although there are times you will win big and stay massively in profit the majority of the time you will bust out and lose what you deposited.

The higher wagering requirements and customisable profit rates on the games means claims that you can win big on online slot machines are bogus. Leave these free bets alone they are a trap.

Sports Bets – Bonus Bagging Guide

Imagine a typical Football match, you only have 3 outcomes … One team wins, the other team wins or it’s a draw. If you imagined using 3 bookmakers with 3 free bets you could separately bet on all three outcomes and guarantee you would win with one of them.

This is basically principle of what you do with sports bonus bagging.

To make it simpler it is actually possible to use a special website called Betfair to place a ‘lay’ bet to cover all other options other than your team winning (i.e losing or drawing) in one simple ‘opposite bet’.

There are loads of articles online about Bonus Bagging, but you’ll notice they are all actually trying to sell the concept of how to do it to you. Worst still they are teaching you methods from years ago before the online bookmakers got wise.

A few years ago it was possible to make more than a thousand pounds per month doing this. Things have changed now and bookmakers are doing ‘mass gubbings’ where they ban online bonus baggers on a weekly basis.

Bookmakers now rarely run balanced books, they are often now betting against their customers, worse still they run their sportsbooks AT A LOSS to generate leads so that they can pick up mugs and suckers to lose even more money on online slots and casino.

IESnare and Getting Gubbed by the Bookies

This means they absolutely WILL NOT tolerate ANY behaviour that looks like arbing ( which includes bonus bagging).

Bookmakers spy on you illegally online

I know what you are thinking. Tim Lowe has gone all tin foil hat all of a sudden and is telling you the CIA is going to brainwash you via a Bingo site.

Bookies are monitoring EVERYTHING you do online. They spy on you using IESNARE software they illegally install on your PC, and they looking for anything suspicious in your betting activity.

So what do I mean by suspicious ? Well its not trying to hack the Government Website like a Bond Villain. What I’m talking about is the IESnare software ( its installed as a cookie on your computer) is looking for activity that flags you up to the bookmaker as a bonus bagger or arber and not a normal run of the mill stupid gambler.

So whats the difference? Well the answer is huge and its the reason I’m explaining this first before we get to the instructions on how to bonus bag.

When you are told to bonus bag a lot of instructions tell you to look for football matches with decimal odds of around 4.0 ( that’s 5 to 1 in gambler speak) and bet on the draw. This tactic makes absolute sense for profit. At 4.0 the small differences in prices between the free bet you take and the cost of the ‘anti’ lay mean you often make about 70% of the free bet as profit which is good, AND because it’s the draw and not many football matches end in a draw you get your money go into your Betfair account ( where you placed the lay ‘anti’ bet) not stuck with a bookmaker with an onerous wagering requirement ( some bookmakers will make you gamble your money 4 times before you can withdraw it…but don’t worry, if you are unlucky enough to have lots of wins with the bookmaker I have a tactic to help you make even more money !)

So Why is Bonus Bagging using the Draw on Football Matches a Bad Idea ?

In any pub before a football match that’s full of guys, some of who have placed a bet….how many times have you EVER heard a gambler talk about having a dead cert feeling that the outcome of the match they support will be a draw?

The answer is that no genuine gambler bets for their team to …draw.

If you think about it that is the reason why Bonus Bagging with football matches and betting on the draw is always going to end up with the Online Bookmaker figuring out that you aren’t a genuine gambler and simply closing down your account.

The instructions below are designed to keep you completely cloaked from the bookmakers. Using the step by step guide I will show you how to fall in with a crowd of genuine online gamblers and bet on horse races that are popular so that your bet is lost among the throng of greedy gamblers.

This hiding is really important…and here is why…. because beyond making up to £1000 in free bets from the online bookmakers these instructions are also going to give you the skills to continue making plenty of extra income every single month for years to come WITHOUT the need for the free bets anymore. Ill explain more about that at the end of the instructions.

So lets get started !

Bonus Bagging Full Instructions

I’m sure you are aware that these days you can ‘buy and sell’ anything online, from stocks and shares to items on eBay.

This system works by showing you how to buy a bet online from a bookmaker with a free bet they have given you and then sell it the next day for a profit without them even knowing! The outcome of the race being irrelevant to your profits!

Just imagine for a minute that you had been ‘tipped off’ that a brand of posh kettle was about to increase in price online with all retailers. Imagine if you also knew where you could buy the last one at £50 knowing that the best price the next day would be £65, absolutely everywhere in the shops or online. Now imagine you also had a £50 voucher to use to buy the kettle as well !

You could buy that kettle the night before, and sell it on eBay the next day for a locked in profit of £15 AND turn your voucher into £50 hard cash as well !

Right, so now imagine ‘buying’ ( placing ) a bet at odds of 3/1. This means your potential winnings are 3 times your stake. If you bet £50 you could win £150 (plus your stake back).  Now, if bookies were offering odds of 2/1 the following morning (odds nearly always decrease as more people bet on it) then the potential payout is now only £100 plus your stake back for the same stake. In the morning a gambler needs to bet MORE in their stake than you did to make the same £150 profit.

In effect, the price of the bet has got MORE expensive because you win less for the same stake.  You already know that if you can sell something for more than you bought it for – you GUARANTEE A PROFIT.

Got that ? OK …

So how do you know which horses to place your free bets on?

My team has created a little program that will send you an email each night with the best possible horse to place a free bet on for the most profit the next day.


Once signed up you will get an email each evening when our little program spots a horse whose odds (we think) are sure to decrease when more people bet on it the following day. This means you get the best possible profit from your free bet and the bookmaker doesn’t notice your bet among thousands of others all betting on the same horse.

All you then have to do then is ‘buy a bet’ with the bookmakers free token (don’t worry, I’ll explain how to do that in a minute) with a ‘bookie’ the night before and then the next day ‘sell that bet’ (I’ll explain how to do this too) on an ‘exchange’ for a handsome profit no matter what the outcome of the race.

These steps only take a couple of minutes, and that’s why you’ll find this a quick, simple and easy way to make consistent weekly profits.

You see, my system has a number of advantages over other methods of buying then selling bets for a profit (otherwise known as ‘arbing’) you may have seen or used before.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Takes up only a few minutes of your day each day
  • Can make more than  £1000 per month tax free extra income
  • Requires only a small amount of money to get started ( typically £50)
  • 100% legal and ethical
  • Most selections are very low risk and many are completely risk free.

Bonus Bagging Getting Started

The first thing for you to understand (and let me make this very clear) is that this is NOT gambling. 

With my Bonus Bagging System simply wait for the automated email to arrive on your smartphone every evening. I recommend you only do one free bet per night.

This is not a system to pick winning horses … in fact Bonus Bagging is designed specifically so the outcome of any horse race is entirely IRRELEVANT to our profits.  There is no need to study or try and understand form or price movements on horse races.

These simple rules will show you not just how to ‘beat’ but how to ‘be’ the bookie … and like all the large profitable bookmakers out there you will be in profit no matter what the outcome of the race.

I recommend you have about £50 to get started with.

You will back a horse (often, but not always a favourite in a race) the night before between 5.30 pm and 9pm when an email arrives telling you to do so. Most of the time you will be doing this with a free bet from the bookmakers .

You will then sell this bet on for a profit the next day using a betting exchange to lock in a profit no matter what the outcome.

… and that’s it. It really is that simple.

However, to do this well, you need to know a few of the basics … including how a betting exchange works.

Using a betting exchange like betfair for bonus bagging

A betting exchange allows two people to come together and bet against each other in a sports market.  The most popular exchange (and our recommended choice for using this system) is www.betfair.com

Now, the Betfair feature we are particularly interested in here is the ability to bet that something WON’T happen!

This is known as a ‘LAY’ Bet.

By placing a LAY bet on a particular horse in a race you are actually acting rather like a bookmaker.

You will almost certainly be used to the idea of placing a bet for a horse to win. This is what happens for you as a customer with a bookmaker. What the bookmaker is doing is accepting money from you for the bet and keeping it if any horse wins other than YOUR SELECTED HORSE.

In effect the bookmaker is placing a LAY BET with you when you place a bet.

By going to the exchange you can place a lay bet yourself and act like a bookmaker.  If you have placed a bet with a bookmaker the night before for a horse TO WIN (known as backing) and you’ve also placed a LAY BET at the exchange the next day that any other horse will win (Laying) you’ve now got every possible outcome of the horse race covered with no risk to your money!

In the early stages you will be using the bookmakers money that they give you (in the form of free bets) so you have no risk to your own money. You will be guaranteed a profit no matter what the outcome!

If this seems complicated at the moment don’t worry. These instructions will go through EXACTLY how to do this in fine detail so you can be 100% confident of what you are doing when you get started. If you don’t already have an account with Betfair then open an account in the next day or two.

Now is also the time to open accounts with the following bookies so you have the best choice of prices each night.

Doesn’t worry about funding them yet – let’s just get the admin out of the way so that the moment you are ready to take a selection you don’t waste valuable time opening an account when you should be placing a bet.

IMPORTANT: when opening bookmaker accounts you should try where possible to only do this using your smartphone. Where possible avoid saying yes to cookies for each bookmaker on your phone unless you absolutely cannot proceed without doing so. Finally it is ESSENTIAL you NEVER download bookmaker apps. Only access bookmaker sites from your smartphone using a we browser such as chrome. 

Here is my recommended list of bookies in the order I want you to do the free bets in starting with the small little £5 bets to get used to what to do and moving on until you get the final £200 free bet at the end !


I strongly suggest that the passwords are similar (but not identical) so that you can easily remember them on the move.  If for example you wanted to use the password ‘horsey’ then you might consider ‘HorseyP’ for Paddy Power, ‘HorseyL’ for Ladbrokes, ‘HorseyW’ for William Hill etc, etc.

So here is the order I would like you to do the Bonus Bagging in. It starts with the smallest deposits required and ends up with the largest deposits required. As your profits grow you can reinvest them into the larger profit bets.


I recommend simply doing one bet per day maximum

Skybet Deposit £5 get £20 free bet

Coral – Deposit £5 get £20

Ladbrokes Deposit £5 get £20 free bet

Betvictor Deposit £5 get £30 in free bets

Betdaq – Deposit £10 get £10 in Free bets

Sport Pesa – Deposit £10 get £10 free bet

888 Sport – Deposit £10 get £30 in free bets

Moplay – Deposit £10 get £30 in free bets

Betfair Sportsbook – Deposit £10 get £40

William Hill Deposit £10 get £30 free bet

Paddy Power Deposit £10 get £40 in free bets

ToteSport – Deposit £25 and get £25 in free bets

Betway Deposit £30 for £30 in free bets

BetHARD Deposit £50 get £50 in Free Bets

Sportnation Online Deposit £50 get £50

Boylesports – Deposit £50 and get £25 in free bets

Bet365 Deposit £100 get £100 in free bets

IO Online Bookmakers – Deposit £200 get £100 in free bets

Unibet £10 weekly free bet

These will be more than enough to get started with and most will offer you a free bet once you’ve made your first bet with them (more about that later too).

Once you have worked through my starting list if you have followed the rules you should have made a profit of around around £500 !

Once you have finished the list you can now search online for all the other bookmakers that have offers and you can also subscribe to a boosted email list to find out how to make similar regular profits every month WITHOUT the need for free bets !

Why Bonus Baggers should always use a paypal account

I recommend funding the accounts with a PayPal account and not your personal bank account for two reasons… firstly it will keep your ‘working’ money separate from your personal cash in your bank account and secondly when withdrawing cash from a bookie your funds will be in your hands in hours rather than days!

It’s best if you fund Betfair with Paypal as well as funding your bookie accounts with Paypal . This will allow you to easily keep a ‘balance’ of all your funds between the bookies and Betfair.


Let’s take a typical first example for you to work through to get a feel for how this system works.

First Example of Bonus Bagging – The Skybet £5 Free bet

Please note that we are currently adding new videos and how tos to this blog so do not place bets at this time until this notice has been removed.

So as per the list I’ve given you we are going to start with Skybet and their £5 offer .

I’m now going to show you step by step what do do including screenshots and videos to help you.

Firstly go to Betfair.com and sign up for an account. They will be the special bookmaker exchange you will be using to place the ‘anti’ bets (called lay bets) so that you cannot lose. Once opened don’t worry about depositing any money yet, we can do that with the minimum possible when we need to later.

Secondly go to Skybet.com and sign up for a new account. Look out for the offer for £20 of free bets and if necessary input any PROMOCODE they have for this offer.

You will now need to deposit £5 to qualify for their offer. Some bookmakers only allow a £10 min deposit so you may have to pay in £10. I recommend using Paypal wherever possible to make your deposits.

You will now need to do a ‘qualifying’ bet of £5 to then get your £20 free bet. Don’t worry we can use the special Betfair account to offset the qualifying bet so you don’t actually lose anything more than a few pence.

Make sure you are signed up for the Bonus Bagging Nightly Email HERE

You now wait for your first email to arrive on your smartphone. The email will have the following information

The Horses Name

The Race Meeting the next day

The Time of the Race meet

You now need to go into your Skybet account and place your £5 qualifying bet on that horse.

Here is a video showing you how.

That’s it ! nothing more to do that night ! Easy eh ?

The next day between 12 and when the race starts you will need to place the Lay Bet with Betfair. ( this is the anti bet to make sure you don’t lose any money no matter what happens to the horse)

Log in to your Betfair account and find the race.

click on the pink lay button for your horse . You should be given a decimal odds price.

Now use the Bonus Bagging Calculator

Now the calculator has told you exactly what amount to place as your stake for the lay bet and also how much account balance you will need in Betfair to cover this anti bet.

Make sure you now have enough of a balance to cover that amount and then click on the pink lay bet button for your horse and place a lay bet as the calculator has told you.

this video will show you what to do .

That’s it . Once you see your lay bet is matched there is nothing more to do .

Shortly after the race has finished you will log in and find out if the horse won or lost, it actually doesn’t matter as you had all outcomes covered ! You will now get your Skybet £20 free bet applied to the account. sometimes this can take up to 24hrs to show on your account and you may need to ask them via their web chat facility.

Once the £20 free bet is showing up we do the same thing again. But this time for nothing but pure profit.

Wait until the evening email arrives and then place the whole £20 free bet on that horse.

The next day go to Betfair to get the pink price for that race for that horse

input the free bet £20 stake and your back odds and the current pink price into the calculator JAMIE ILL HELP YOU WITH THIS

and that is the lay bet you need to place on Betfair. You have now locked in a profit of £17 no matter what the outcome of the race !

How to keep the bookies Happy … and never get your bets or accounts limited.

This is very, very, important. I cannot stress enough how VITAL it is you follow ALL of these rules FROM THE VERY START.

Bookmakers hate that you have an edge and that you aren’t a ‘mug punter’. In the last couple of years bookmakers have aggressively sought out anyone ‘arbing’ … and even ban gamblers for simply winning too much.

My system is tried and tested to keep you ‘below the radar’. It is essential you follow all this advice or you will risk having your bookie account limited or even stopped.

The key here is to act as much like a ‘mug punter’ as possible. That’s why we only take positions on certain favourite horses.Always if possible leave a balance in the bookie account. If you staked £50 and win £200 take out your ‘winnings’ and leave your stake in the account ready for your next bet.This has the bonus of saving you time next time you want to place a bet.

Always place all your bets with bookies on your smart phone NEVER use your PC. This is because bookies can monitor your activity using special software which loads onto your computer without most people knowing. It’s known as ‘ie snare cookies’ and may even be illegal but that hasn’t stopped them being caught doing this by many people.

Remember Betfair is an exchange not a bookmaker so they never ban you.  It is also fine to use Betfair on your mobile or tablet  via a browser or their app or even on a PC.

Never click yes to any cookies (which is the special tracking software I mentioned above) on your phone or PC when logging on to any bookmaker’s site to place back bets. If you are forced to use a computer and ‘accept cookies’ in order to open an account (some bookies have done this in the past) then you should be particularly careful to avoid logging on to that site again with that computer.

Do not make any personal bets on these sites. In particular NEVER bet football and horses from the same account. Bookies are highly suspicious of gamblers that seem to be good at football AND horses.

NEVER run two separate bookie accounts off the same IP address.  Use a VPS or ‘hide my IP’ service (which you find with a simple Google search) if you and your partner have separate accounts.

If you ever speak to the bookie with any issue NEVER tell them you are using any kind of system. Assume the role of being a ‘mug punter’ whenever communicating with a bookie. I advise only communicating via email or live chat if you have an issue.


Just to recap , BETFAIR is an EXCHANGE and so WILL NOT BAN YOU EVER. Use your phone, tablet, carrier pigeon, Wifi, SIM etc. all is fine.

The BOOKMAKERS should only be used to place bets using your smartphone. You may use your SIM or WiFi to do this.  Never accept cookies on your phone unless the bookmaker absolutely wont allow you to place a bet or use the site without doing so and never use their apps.  You MAY with SOME bookies be asked to accept cookies and have to use a PC to open the account. If this is the case simply do it on a PC then never use that PC again to place any bets.

So that’s it ! Once you’ve worked through the list of bookmakers with free bets you can then use the huge bank of money you have built up to do nearly the same thing without the need for free bets from my Buncejar system here.